Content is king in the world of digital marketing. Keywords are the road to the kingdom. You connect directly with your target audience – people seeking out just what you are selling. When setting up paid social media campaigns, keywords assist in making critical connections and ensuring success. Popular hashtags are a great way to do this and help your campaign get off the ground. 

 Why should I keep hashtags in my campaigns?

When looking for hashtags ask: 

  1. What are people talking about? 
  2. What is the context of these conversations? 
  3. What is the demand for a product or service? 
  4. Who is using these hashtags? 

How to use hashtags in campaigns?

Start by locating top hashtags. Begin with the trending hashtags in your industry. The hashtags, phrases and keywords you find can inform your audience about your campaign: 

  1. For text – use this to directly address consumer pain points by understanding context
  2. For images – When using stock images in your ad, understand the story around the hashtag to decide the kind of images to use. 
  3. For target audiences – use the hashtag research to inform parameters of the search
  4. For sponsored post reach – be more relevant and use hashtags to pinpoint the post to promote. 


The key to using hashtags for paid social media is to use them as a launch pad. They must inspire relevant content for your specific target market. They can inspire content for your relevant audiences and help you understand how they talk online.