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CoFounders of Sharu's Farm | Sharanya & Dwanith

Organic Hydroponic Veggies

Nestled in the lush, rich lands of Hesarghatta, Sharu’s Organic Farm promises to deliver fresh bounty from the greens of Hesarghatta right to your doorstep. Situated just 60 minutes away from the bustling city of Bangalore, the 12-acre organic farm sits in one of the most rich and unexploited regions of the land. Respecting the heritage of the land, we strive hard to maintain the balance between providing green, fresh and nutritious greens to the nearby communities, without harming the land that they reap from. 


Shop fresh, organic & exotic veggies grown hydroponically from your doorstep

Testimonial from Sharu's Farm


Through the lockdown, as we progressed with our new business idea….the first challenge was for us to put our thoughts into action in the form of a logo, branding design, website, etc. And the first person that crossed our mind was Ram. It’s amazing how you don’t really need to explain too much and he delivers what you exactly imagined….actually better than what you imagined. 
So we went on sharing our thoughts with him and he first came up with a beautiful logo. It had a sense of organic, connected to the nature and earthy feel to it. He gave us the brand colours, the kind of brand language we should have, etc. It’s amazing how it resonated with our thought process so very well.


Product Photography

Over 80+ veggies were photographed for ecommerce and as concept ads to be used on print advertisements and social media marketing.


Ecommerce Website

We then came to our next roadblock, the website design and this seemed like Greek & Latin to us at the beginning. But then, Ram & his team explained us the process, options available in the market & of course the pros & cons of these different options so well that the entire web design process was so seamless. 

The super team that Ram has got made it a one stop solution for us. Which we think is the need of the hour. 

The entire process from thought to actually launching our business was seamless, and whatever little hiccups that came our way was dealt with so quickly by the team that it never felt like a hiccup at all.
The thought process of the team when it comes to design, strategy, ideation, etc is very fresh, different from the usual. It surely makes each brand stand out for its USPs and core values.

Overall, it’s been a very fulfilling journey and we look forward to keep this team work going for Sharu’s Organic Farm!


– Sharanya & Dwanith

CoFounders – Sharu’s Farm