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Aartha Design

Aartha Design creates high quality furniture pieces manufactured with carefully selected materials, traditional craftsmanship and latest design trends. Our furniture pieces are designed to suit versatile and durable usability for modern and flexible living and can be used residential, retail and office environments. .

Branding, Product Photography & Website

Branding & Product Photography

The company is branded keeping in mind the 2 amazing cofounders Arpita & Alexandra whose initials start with ”A”. So the logo is a fractal made of small ”a” 

Ecommerce Website

The client wanted a simple minimalistic ecommerce website that matches their branding guidelines. 

Company Profile

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Product Photography

Ecommerce website

Testimonial from Aartha Designs

We have known Third Eye Creative for a few years now & they have always helped us with designs & digitization based on requirements provided. The transition to digitization has been a smooth process with their help.


  • Arpitha & Alexandra 

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